Workshops/Adult Education

The educational policy of EcoMuseum Zagori is inclusive and participatory, so developing programmes for all audience groups is key. We have created educational programmes that promote self-esteem, confidence and creativity, while welcoming any visitor, who can choose according to their interests, needs and abilities. Through these programmes we aim to promote the local identity of the Zagori region and its dynamic contribution to serving particular social needs, through synergies and actions with local institutions and residents.


Tales of Wool

Educational programme for people with dementia and elderly people.

We welcome you on a journey of learning about wool processing. Through sharing and creativity, we will discuss experiences and thoughts about wool and its processing. We will follow all stages of wool processing through the experiential method. We will get to grips with all the tasks at each stage of processing, such as scraping or greasing, carding and spinning. Through the experiential approach, touching the wool and processing we will naturally enhance memory recall. On the loom, visitors will throw a few weaves to recall their own experiences and make a small fabric using the ancient technique of felting.

The Tales of Wool programme is delivered in partnership with The Pokari Project. The programme is designed and adapted for people with dementia and their carers, as well as older people. Special planning has been done, in the content of the programme and in the duration of the programme, to meet the needs of the participants.

Venue: Elafotopos Zagori or in Day Care Centres upon request

Duration: 3 hours

Participation fee: 5€/person (only participation in the workshop, no transport)

Months: All year round

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